We're Designers, Developers, Strategists and Sushi lovers


Creative thinkers

Bad Pug is a creative studio based in Milan, founded in 2016 by Christian Bilato and Elena Aiello.

We focus on making app, AR & VR contents, games and digital products. Bad Pug carefully crafts products and cares for every detail.

We have experience in the creative industry, producing effective and exiciting experiences for brands.


Meet the Puggers.

Christian Bilato - Developer/Co-Founder

The Funny One.

Unity developer with more than 5 years experience.

Christian Bilato is the developer of Bad pug.

He has been responsible for bringing concepts to life for clients such as Sergio Bonelli Editore, Warner Bros, Yakult and many others. He is proficient in Unity 3D, Substance Painter, AR&VR tech.

When Christian isn't busy working on new features for his apps, he can be found playing videogames.

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Elena Aiello - Illustrator/Co-Founder

The Redhead.

Creative artist, pug lover.

Elena is a Character designer and Illustrator with over 4 years of experience.

 She has strong skills in drawing, 3d modeling and her Sushi is unforgettable.

Elena has spent the last 4 years designing children books and directing AR experiences for many brands such as Clementoni, Hasbro, Sesame Workshop, Editions Goelette and many more.

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Special Guest


Federico Di Veroli

IOS Developer

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Kevin Conti

IG Developer

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